Bio 11- Botany – Exercise 1 – Microscopy

A. The Compound Microscope

5.1 How does the image move in the field of view, in relation to the movement of the slide?

Opposite direction

5.2 From these observations, what can you deduce about the path of light in a body tube?

Light is refracted

6.1 Is the position of the object in the field changed by shifting from LPO to HPO? Why?


6.2 Is there a decrease or an increase in the area of the specimen seen in the field of vision when changing from LPO to HPO? Why?

Yes. Increase in magnification.

Table 1.1 Parts and Functions of a Compound Microscope

Ocular lens / Eyepiece – lens located at the upper end of body tube to look through

Tube – connects eyepiece to objective lens

Arm – supports tube and connects to base

Stage – platform where the slide is placed

Stage clips – used to hold the slide in place

Revolving nosepiece / turret – holds 2 or more objective lenses and can be rotated to easily change objective power

Objective lenses – used for magnification along with the eyepiece. LPO/HPO/Oil immersion

Dust tube – protects objective power

Course adjustment knob – used to raise or lower objective power

Fine adjustment knob – used for critical focusing

Base – bottom of microscope. Used for support

Diaphragm – controls the amount of light that will enter the microscope

Mirror – used to reflect light from an external light source up through the bottom of the stage

Mirror rack – holds mirror in place

Inclination joint – used to incline the microscope

B. The Dissecting Microscope

8.1 How is the movement of the slide related to that of the image? Why?

Moves in same direction. Single lens.

Note: The next few questions are dependent on the microscope/specimen used and is therefore different for each student. You’ll have to actually do the experiment, sorry.


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